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Certified Building Biology® 
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist 

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Advisor to EMF Wellness 

Professional Electrical Engineer

Certified EMF Expert and Instructor

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Lisa Smith has changed my life with her expertise in EMF measurement and mitigation.  I am very electrically sensitive and find that her work makes a tremendous difference  She’s very professional, caring, and goes out of her way to be helpful.  She’s fun to be with and goes the extra mile to remedy a situation.

—Janet in Oro Valley

Very professional.  Lisa found our big EMF problems and helped solve them.  She was especially helpful in getting our solar EMFs under control (and we still have our solar panels!).

—Tim in Midtown

Kerry's story: Living 18 feet from a

T-Mobile cell tower

My six year-old daughter and I were living on the top floor of the Skyline Gateway Apartments when T-Mobile decided to do a “5G upgrade” to its cell tower on the roof.  The tower was almost right on top of my apartment.  After the upgrade my daughter started to have headaches, sinus and ear infections, and sleep problems. She was having a hard time learning at school.  I also had headaches and troubles sleeping, constant sinus infections, and after a while I started to feel dizzy in my apartment.  One morning I woke up feeling like I was bruised all over.  The cell tower made whooping noises on and off all night in my bedroom. 



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Lisa opened my eyes to the world of EMFs. While at my house, she was extremely professional and diligent in measuring and then identifying solutions to reduce our exposure in the bedroom. After purchasing the RF meter she recommended, I learned that I am bombarded with extremely high RF waves when I walk around my neighborhood and along the bike path. Due to my recent mold exposure, I'm EMF sensitive and to support my health we decided to move to a different community where the RF readings are "green". Thank you Lisa!

—Jennifer, River and Craycroft

Lisa Smith does a very thorough EMF inspection and extremely detailed reporting and concentrates on Next Steps to reduce EMF exposure for clients.  It has been my pleasure to assist her with her assessments.  I am very impressed by her field surveys, written reporting and the integrity she brings to our profession.  She is professional and has a passion for social justice.  William Shatner would say: “You will boldly go where no woman EMRS has gone before”. 


—Eric Windheim

Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant

Radio Frequency Safety Officer

Lab Leader for the Building Biology Institute (BBI)

Windheim EMF Solutions

Lisa is really good at educating and empowering her clients.  It’s a relief to have the facts on the EMF in my environments and have reasonable, effective solutions.

—Cynthia Gerszewski, DC

Synergy Chiropractic

Lisa helped me discover that my long-time mysterious symptoms that started with my exposure to EMFs while I was working at the University of Arizona are due to my electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS).  She informed me that EMS is common (I am not alone!) and even has an official medical diagnosis code used by doctors and the CDC.   She was very helpful in finding the sources of EMFs in my house that were bothering my nervous system, and I was impressed at how hard she worked to mitigate the EMFs in my son’s bedroom!

—Stephanie in West Tucson

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