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Know your exposure, mitigate for peace of mind

Why do an office assessment? 

Many of us spend a good part of our day in our office, whether at home or away.  These spaces typically contain numerous close-by electronic devices for performing tasks such as learning, researching, creating, and communicating ... and making money!  

Surrounded by these devices and exposed to other typical sources, like cell towers and smart meters, EMFs can rise to very high, unsafe levels without our being aware of them. 

​In the short run, this concentrated EMF exposure can cause symptoms that reduce our productivity and work satisfaction, such as headaches, inability to concentrate, and depression.  Long-term exposure can lead to health problems like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

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What is included? 

EMF Wellness office inspections can be conducted for the workspaces of entire businesses or a single room.  They include:

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  • Location of nearby cell towers, nearby power lines, and smart meter

  • Five-point check for EMF hotspots (four corners and middle)

    • Wireless radiation

    • Electric fields

    • Magnetic fields

  • Dirty electricity survey

  • Detailed inspection of desktop and close surroundings

  • Artificial light assessment (flicker and spectral quality)

  • Determination of sources of elevated fields and discussion of options for reducing them to safe levels

  • Full written report with EMF levels and mitigation options, upon request

  • Computers, mice, and keyboards

  • Printers

  • Power cords and strips

  • Desktop lamps

  • Desktop clocks

  • Wi-fi routers

  • Wires in walls

  • Outlets and light switches

  • Wireless security systems

  • Mobile phone base stations & handsets

  • Overhead lights

  • Electric service panels

  • Smart meters

  • Cell towers

  • Power lines

  • Solar power systems

Common sources of office EMFs

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