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Children are exposed to all four types of EMFs in their schools, but the levels of RF radiation are rising rapidly due to the addition of wi-fi in classrooms and the installation of cell towers near and on school campuses.


Writes Tech Safe Schools

" Today's school classrooms are filled with wireless  devices, all emitting radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Manufacturers claim their devices meet FCC safety guidelines, but those guidelines are 25 years old and are not protective for children. 


• The FCC has recently been ordered by a federal appeals court to re-evaluate its exposure safety guidelines in light of new studies showing RF radiation can be harmful, especially for children.

• The FDA is being challenged over its failure to establish science-based human exposure standards for RF radiation exposure. 


...  Many children are currently suffering with symptoms related to RF radiation exposure, including headaches, nausea, dizziness and lack of concentration. Neurological impairment and reproductive problems linked to RF radiation exposure may not be immediately apparent, and cancer may take years to develop. 

It's imperative that we re-evaluate our use of wireless technology in schools to ensure the safety and health of all children."

EMF Wellness Tucson conducts assessments of all four types of EMFs on the interior and exterior of schools.  

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