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Professional assessments and mitigation plans 

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Create an EMF haven in the place you spend the most time

Complete home assessments with measurement of all four types of EMFs in all areas of your home

Assessments for specific rooms or types of EMFs:

  • Bedroom sleep sanctuary assessment

  • EMF-safe online student learning space 

  • Wireless radiation round up

  • Dirty electricity survey


A low EMF work space for health and productivity

Modern desk areas can be especially dense with wireless radiation and electric fields.  No wonder so many people get headaches at work ...

In our office assessment we check for all four types of EMFs, with special attention to wireless radiation from wi-fi routers, computers, phones and printers. 


We also help to optimize lighting for your health and productivity



Elementary classroom, back to school con

Safe learning environments for students and teachers 

In the last two decades schools have installed strong wi-fi and acquired wireless computers, tablets, and virtual reality devices to support student learning.  Nearby cell towers and cell phones are other new sources of wireless radiation surrounding students and teachers. 

As research has accumulated on the negative effects on children's and teen's health and learning, a global movement has risen to provide radiation-free learning environments in schools.  Many steps can be taken to reduce exposure while still maintaining access to modern learning technologies. 

We conduct complete school EMF assessments, with measurement of all four types of EMFs in indoor and outdoor learning environments, and present options for safer alternatives.

Outside EMFs

Protect your house, office, or school from outside radiation  

We provide assessments for four sources of outside EMFS

  • Smart meters

  • Cell towers, including 5G small cells

  • Power lines

  • Solar power systems



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