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Smart meters

Stop continuous, pulsed smart meter radiation from entering your space  

Almost all homes, workplaces and schools in Tucson have smart meters on their exterior walls that wirelessly transmit electricity use to TEP.  Some also have smart meters transmitting solar power production and use. 

Most smart meters continually emit pulsed radiation into building interiors and, depending on how close they are to us, into our bodies.

EMF Wellness smart meter assessments determine the type of smart meter you have, the amount  and timing of radiation being emitted, and provide options for reducing or eliminating it. 


Our colleague, certified EMF Expert Jordan Mitchell at BeatEMF, has a way with words about EMFs. To find out more read her

Smart Meter Guide.


Cell towers

Shield from cell tower radiation


As cell phone use has increased over the last decade, the number of cell towers in Tucson has exploded.  Currently, a whole new network of 5G “small cells” is being rolled out by Verizon and ATT, adding a new layer of wireless radiation to our environment.  

Small cells, often placed on light poles, are installed very close to homes and schools so people can benefit from the higher speeds and greater connectivity they provide.  However, they then directly expose the people in those places to radiation—without advance notice or consent.

EMF Wellness cell tower assessments locate the nearest towers, measure the radiation coming into your space, and provide shielding solutions for protection from the radiation.


Did you know?   In 2017, Arizona became the first state to enact a law giving the telecom industry unrestricted right to mount cellular transmitters on lamp posts and erect small cell towers—regardless of

any negative health impacts—thus paving the way for the 5G rollout.  Only one AZ legislator voted “no” to

HB 2365, Pamela Powers Hannley of Tucson’s Legislative District 9.

Power lines

Know your exposure to power line EMFs 

Power lines close to homes, workplaces and schools can emit magnetic and electric fields reaching into building interiors or outside areas where people spend time. For example, they may extend onto a school play ground or sports area.  If the fields are strong, and people spend long periods of time near them, they can pose a health risk.

Our assessments measure powerline magnetic and electric fields at various distances from your building so you can be informed about your exposure.  We discuss options for lowering exposure and can help make a new purchase decision.

Solar power systems 

You can have your solar and your health too

What?  Solar power systems emit unsafe EMFs?  Again, sorry to be the bearer of the news, but … yes.  While they are good for the environment and your pocket book, they can produce significant amounts of dirty electricity, wireless radiation and magnetic fields.  But there are solutions.

Our complete solar system assessment measures levels of these three types of EMFs and provides mitigation options so you can have your solar and your health too.

For more information check out Jordan Mitchell's Solar Panel Radiation Guide


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